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At Deneys Swiss Dairy, we make the best quality yoghurt & milkshakes using exclusively SA Dairy Swiss Milk.

The Swiss are known to make the best chocolate & most delectable cheeses.
Our trademark & signature packaging compliments our delicious yoghurt & decadent milkshakes.
Our packaging is original and eye-catching, presenting our products in the most attractive way.


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Drinking Yoghurt

Eating Yoghurt

Kiddies Drinking Yoghurt

Deneys swiss dairy

We have expanded our product ranges over the years, offering our Original Range, Full Cream Drinking Yoghurt, Full Cream Milkshakes, Gold Range Eating Yoghurt, Frya non-carbonated Cool Drinks, our new product MnandiYo, as well as our New Kiddies Range Full Cream Smooth Drinking Yoghurt packed in 125g stand up pouches.

Our products are listed with the following retail groups: Dischem Pharmacies, Spar, Food Lovers Markets, Fruit & Veg City, Freshstop, Caltex, Engen, Shell, Sasol, BP, Total, Shell, Checkers, Makro, Pick n Pay, delis, butcheries, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants & take-aways. We distribute nationally. 

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