About Deneys swiss dairy

Our dairy is owned by Red Farm Dairies (PTY) LTD

The works

Our production factory is based in Deneysville. Our dairy was established in 2009, when we acquired a herd of SA Dairy Swiss cows. We are a family owned farm & business and we are very proud and passionate about our product. Unfortunately the Brown Swiss breed is not well known in South Africa, however the Brown Swiss breed is the 3rd largest dairy breed worldwide. We use exclusively SA Dairy Swiss full cream milk to produce all our products. Over the years as our production requirements have increased, fellow breeders and dairy farmers have supplied us with SA Dairy Swiss milk.

Swiss cows are known to produce the creamiest milk, high protein, lactose, butterfat for superior quality dairy products. We give utmost personal care and quality control, to ensure that our product is of highest standard producing an exceptional taste experience. We have expanded our product ranges over the years, offering our Original Range, Full Cream Drinking Yoghurt, Full Cream Milkshakes, Full Cream Flavoured Milk, Gold Range Eating Yoghurt,Banting friendly Drinking Yoghurt, Frya non-carbonated Cool Drinks & New Kiddies Range Smooth Drinking Yoghurt packed in 120ml stand up pouches.

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