Eating Yoghurt – Madina Date Farms

In collaboration with Madina Date Farms, Deneys Swiss Dairy is offering 3 new variants of our Full Cream Eating Yoghurt, to our Muslim friends. SANHA Halal Certified. This range is specially packed for Madina Date Farms. Produced using exclusively SA Dairy Swiss (full cream) milk, fresh dates, and specially made Dukkah sachets for a gourmet savoury snack.

Shelf Life on Cool Drinks: 4 weeks
SANHA Halal Certified
Products must be kept refrigerated between 2 & 5 C

‘The minimum order quantity is 36 units; which is therefor 6 six-packs in the new packaging size. Customers may order 6 different six-packs from our different product lines and flavours to make up the minimum 6 six-pack order. For example: 2 x Milkshake six-packs, 3 x Drinking Yoghurt six-packs and 1 x Flavoured Milk six-pack calculating to the minimum 6 six-pack order.’

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