Our Frya non-carbonated drinks, launched in 2016, is a refreshing summer drink perfect for those hot days at the pool. Available in 7 delicious flavours that include Cherry Pop, Blue Crush, Pink Lemonade, Coconut Ice, and our ice tea range which include Lemon Ice Tea, Peach Ice tea and the newest member of the Frya family – Pineapple Ice Tea.

So pop a cute umbrella in your ice cold Frya and get that summer vibe going. Fryas are best served with lots of ice and can be used as a mixer in cocktails.

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Shelf Life on Cool Drinks: 8 weeks
SANHA Halal Certified
Products must be kept refrigerated between 2 & 5 C

‘The minimum order quantity is 36 units; which is therefor 6 six-packs in the new packaging size. Customers may order 6 different six-packs from our different product lines and flavours to make up the minimum 6 six-pack order. For example: 2 x Milkshake six-packs, 3 x Drinking Yoghurt six-packs and 1 x Flavoured Milk six-pack calculating to the minimum 6 six-pack order.’

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