Full Cream Milkshakes

You get milkshakes, and then you get Deneys Swiss Dairy Milkshakes!

Launched in 2013, our rich and creamy milkshakes are made exclusively from full cream SA Dairy Swiss milk. Tickle your milky taste buds with  any one of our eight delicious flavours, which include Strawberry Ice, Bubblegum Gelato, Iced Cappuccino, Caramello Crème, Dom Pedro, Heavenly Lime, Swiss Chocolate and White Chocolate.

Treating yourself has never been this easy!


Our Milkshakes are perfect party favours at any events and weddings. Bubblegum Gelato and Strawberry Ice are perfect for pink and blue themed baby showers. We recommend it as a gift for you and your sweetheart, for a romantic couple’s treat. You can thank us later…

Shelf Life on Dairy Range: 4 weeks
SANHA Halal Certified
Products must be kept refrigerated between 2 & 5 C

‘The minimum order quantity is 36 units; which is therefor 6 six-packs in the new packaging size. Customers may order 6 different six-packs from our different product lines and flavours to make up the minimum 6 six-pack order. For example: 2 x Milkshake six-packs, 3 x Drinking Yoghurt six-packs and 1 x Flavoured Milk six-pack calculating to the minimum 6 six-pack order.’

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