MnandiYo Minnies

Afternoon snacks with a little twist, this one is cool, cute and kid friendly. We have made our MnandiYo’s Minnie so that they can can be enoyed by all ages, this range is monster themed.

Mnandiyo is a premium blend of our Full Cream Drinking yoghurt blended with Mageu. Available in 6 delicious flavours – Chocolate Chip, Banana, Strawberry, Tiramisu, Coconut and Vanilla. Ideal for on the go mommies & kids, hitting the daily requirement for calcium and probiotics in the form of sweet creamy wholesome yoghurt and maize. Enriched with vitamins. So what are you waiting for?

Grab a pouch, go outside and enjoy! Our Monster themed pouches are perfect for a themed kiddies parties.  We recommend recycling our pouches by filling them with water and popping them in the freezer for ice packs, for cooler lunch boxes.

Shelf Life on Dairy Range: 4 weeks
SANHA Halal Certified
Products must be kept refrigerated between 2 & 5 C

‘The minimum order quantity is 36 units; which is therefor 6 six-packs in the new packaging size. Customers may order 6 different six-packs from our different product lines and flavours to make up the minimum 6 six-pack order. For example: 2 x Milkshake six-packs, 3 x Drinking Yoghurt six-packs and 1 x Flavoured Milk six-pack calculating to the minimum 6 six-pack order.’

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